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Raindrop Bridges to Care SA Program


In the summer of 2021, a group of five kind-hearted and caring community members from Raindrop Foundation San Antonio said ‘YES’ to the call by Bridges to Care San Antonio (BTCSA). Founded by Muslim Turkish Americans, Raindrop Foundation serves San Antonio community through organizing dialogue events towards building mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation at the grassroots level among people of diverse faiths and cultures. We also have many programs to help successful integration of our immigrant community members into American society by addressing their educational, social, religious, and cultural needs. The training and resources offered by Bridges to Care San Antonio are very valuable for us as a growing community of faith with a vision to serve diverse communities in our city and contribute to the common good. Our aim is to continue being a welcoming and inclusive place for all, as well as a supportive and encouraging community which aligns with the core values of BTCSA.

Our five wellness champions are also community leaders at Raindrop, volunteering at multiple committees including Raindrop Youth Development Center, Community Engagement, and Health Education Team. Bridges to Care not only allowed us to gain awareness on mental health, but also provided tools to start building our humble mental wellness program that benefits all that we serve. With this program we want to:

·       Promote mental wellness as one of our top priorities in our community.

·       Help break the stigma of mental illness, so that people will seek help earlier.

·       Make sure that all our programs and events are welcoming, inclusive, and supportive for all including individuals who live with a mental health condition. 

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